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Rod Santomassimo

Rod Santomassimo



Rod has always been inclined toward entrepreneurship, since his early days as a newspaper delivery boy and golf caddy. He found himself lured away by the likes of corporate giants Arthur Andersen Consulting, where he was able to spend time learning about different industries and how to run a business. 

During Rod’s career, he has been a COO of a start-up telecom firm, assisting in its public offering; CFO of a regional law firm; and EVP of an international CRE brokerage firm. He felt the pull of independence several times during this period, which led him to launch a college lacrosse recruiting service and invent and patent a watch software to track workouts before the world knew they wanted it! Finally, he decided that his strength was in coaching business professionals to achieve their own success and run their own businesses.


Upon founding the Massimo Group, Rod’s father told him that he had finally found what he was meant to do. After 12 years, the Massimo Group has helped over 3,000 independent contractors, solopreneurs, and small business owners significantly grow their businesses and reclaim their lives. Rod and his team of 30 certified Massimo coaches work with some of the most successful professionals in North America.

Rod Santomassimo is the founder and president of the Massimo Group, North America’s leading professional business coaching and consulting organization. The Massimo Group is proud to work with clients from the nation’s premier businesses and scores of regional and local firms and/or their individual associates, as well as thousands of independent contractors, solopreneurs, and small business owners.


Rod began that career in 1989, after graduating from Washington and Lee University; and earned his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, where he has frequently appeared as a guest lecturer and facilitator on a variety of personal marketing topics. Rod is a frequent guest on podcasts and a popular speaker. 

He is a two-time recipient of the Duke University, Fuqua School of Business Impact Alumni of the Year Award; the author of three books and a syndicated columnist for the Mann Report as well as the New York Real Estate Journal; and has been published in many national magazines throughout his career.

His first book, Brokers Who Dominate, became an Amazon best-seller and is still highly acclaimed in the commercial real estate industry. Teams Built to Dominate followed, with the why and the how of facilitating strong teams to move the business forward. 

His latest book, Knowing Isn’t Doing, became the #1 Sales book in America upon its launch in late 2020. This book outlines a proven blueprint for independent contracts, solopreneurs and small business owners to finally build the business and life they always desired.

In 2020 Rod was recognized by Globe St. and the Real Estate Forum as a “Best Boss” for his leadership of the Massimo Group.

“Success” to Rod means loving what you do and having more time to do what you love. After being with his family, Rod’s second big love is lacrosse. He started playing Division 1 lacrosse in college and continues to play today and train for several tournaments each year.

Rod knows that success is defined differently for everyone. As a coach, he knows his success is only defined by the success of the Massimo Group’s clients.

When not writing or traveling for speaking or client engagements, Rod resides in Cary, North Carolina, where he cherishes his time with his wife, Launa, and their two children.

Rod can be reached at 800-517-5542, ext.102, or by email using the form below.

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