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Rod sits down with Brand Factory Inc owner Doc Williams. Doc is a self-described content solution architect and, according to his family, a literal born salesman. Doc grew up in the suburbs outside of DC and by the age of 8 owned his own candy and trading card company complete with business cards. After selling a Pokémon card for $100 it was clear to Doc that he would make his way in the world by owning his own business. By the age of 12, he was diversifying his portfolio of offerings by being a DJ at weddings and getting his sisters to pay him $5 per Coca Cola that he would get them from the store down the street. Like most teens, Doc wasn’t happy with his self-image but armed with a growth spurt and a bet from the boyfriend of one of his sisters he began working out and was published as a “before and after” picture in Muscle and Fitness Magazine. With sales experience and the desire to be his own boss, he decided to go to Community College to be a massage therapist at just 18 years old.

But 2008 held different ideas for most of America’s workforce and Doc was forced to transition to be a physical therapist assistant. He had developed a fondness for fitness, and he was bored at his job so at 23 Doc finally realized his dream of being a business owner and opened his own CrossFit gym. Soon thereafter Doc learned the first lesson in building a brand – niching down on your market. He built a parkour gym for a guy who was training to be an American Ninja Warrior and expanded his offerings as a trainer. As a small business owner, you are forced to do all of the things your company needs to grow including writing your own copy for websites and blogs. Doc realized he was a talented writer, especially for the content side of the fitness world. He soon found himself with a job writing for ESPN where he was meeting and interviewing athletes. Once he had access to these athletes, he could pitch him his idea to write content for them and their personal brands or products they wanted to sell. During all this, Doc found himself on the reality show America’s Next Great Trainer with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Eventually, It became overwhelming to decipher which athletes or influencers we’re really committed to their products or brands and who was in it for the long haul so in order to better serve his ideal client Doc built a course to teach people to write their own copy and Brand Factory Inc. was born! This site and its method include a unique series of systems and flowcharts to help clients create their own messaging and communicate with their ideal clients and achieve their marketing goals.

At just 32 years old Doc Williams and his team are helping people communicate in truly authentic ways. If you’re interested in learning more visit https://brandfactoryinc.com/ and learn how what to say to the people who want to hear from you.

Bonus section: Doc and Rod brainstorm about The Massimo Group! Don’t miss it!



Doc Williams – Owner of Brand Factory Inc

Through great copy and content, Doc helps people who are truly passionate about what they do connect and sell to those who want what they have to offer!


  • how your next business may not be what you expected
  • how to leverage your access to your ideal client into your dream job
  • about creating room for your buisness ideas in a changing market