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Rod sits down with top producer, Matt McGregor.

Matt grew up in a suburb north of Seattle and his passion was certainly sales from the very beginning. He had always envisioned himself in corporate America and had a passion for entrepreneurship. When it came to school Matt struggled from dyslexia and recalls loving school for the social aspect but that what he really looked forward to was going to work. He had a job from about the age of 10 on and one of his first jobs was selling stereo equipment. He also had a mentor that had given him cassette tapes of different sales books and because of his dyslexia those were a big game-changer for him.

Matt became a nationally ranked top salesperson for a food distributer by his early 20s but hit a roadblock when they offered him an international position but it came to light that he hadn’t graduated from college. He recalls this being an embarrassing and awkward moment for him but instead of letting it ruin his dreams he buckled down and started going to night school. He eventually ended up with a college degree, an MBA, a certificate in commercial real estate, and a master’s degree.

He and Rod discuss the importance of listening to your mentors, joining masterminds, and how to build a powerful team. They close the show with Matt’s 5 Factors for Success.

Matt McGregor

Matt McGregor specializes in representing industrial tenants across the United States and abroad. Having been involved in hundreds of transactions totaling more than 47 million square feet throughout his career, Matt approaches his work enthusiastically every day and holds himself to the highest level of accountability to his clients. He has unparalleled corporate experience in industrial commercial real estate, including warehousing, corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, and national distribution and logistics facilities.

  • The significance of a mentor and leveraging the opportunity to build a personal career
  • Transforming a vision of the market leader to reality
  • Knowing when to work and when to play; Making time for family