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Rod sits down with Dr. Betty Uribe.

Betty started her life in Columbia, South America, and wanted for nothing. Despite having everything she could have asked for; life was not as perfect as it seemed in her house. Although she had a loving millionaire father his demons often got the best of him when it came to alcohol. By the time Betty was 12 her mother had had it and she wanted to leave her husband and move to America. Betty was given the choice to stay or to leave and even though she loved her father and was often referred to as “Daddy’s little girl” she was old enough to recognize what was happening and she decided to move to America with just the belongings she had in her luggage. Betty regards this as the first value-based decision she made as a young woman and that idea became the basis for her book and her great success.

But like any great success story, this one took time. Betty was what we would refer to as a serial entrepreneur. Although she had a kind of love-hate relationship with him her father was an amazing businessman and she believes her spirit for business was in her blood. When she was young her dad took her to visit clients and employees and, although she didn’t realize it at the time, he was teaching her how to be an entrepreneur. He took care of his family and his aunt and made lots of value-based decisions when it came to his business. Those were the parts of her father Betty wanted to keep and carry on in her own businesses.

Her first entrepreneurial venture was in engineering and manufacturing and made pieces of a surgical light in her garage. She was working as a secretary for an engineering company and took a course about free enterprise and how to pay people by the piece instead of the hour. She thought “I have a garage; we can do this!” and with a great idea and an even better drive for success, she was up and running.

By the time Betty went to get her doctorate, she had performed many turnarounds in the finical services industry. She was focused on entrepreneurs and could walk into a business and tell them what to do to increase their revenue. In this line of work and at that time, she started to notice a trend. She was seeing a lot of people who were meeting their downfall and she noticed the common thread was that what they said they stood for and how they were behaving did not align; their decisions were not value-based. But people also want to be successful, so she knew that merging the two ideas was key. She wanted to teach companies how they could create bottom line unprecedented results if they followed their core values. This idea became her first book!

Rod and Betty talk about her first executive position, her values of leadership, and what’s next for Dr. Betty.

Dr Betty Uribe

Dr. Betty Uribe is Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust and an international speaker, consultant, coach, and author. She earned her doctorate with honors in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University. Dr. Uribe’s service on private, educational, and non-profit boards of directors includes the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, Next Step Asia, Pepperdine University, University of Southern California, Concordia University, California Asian Chamber of Commerce, Children’s Hospital, and Parents Step Ahead.

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