On this episode of the Massimo Podcast:

we welcome Mathew Laborde of Elifin Realty.  Mathew has demonstrated you don’t need years of experience to dominate your market.  You need to look at things differently, leverage new approaches and ultimately believe in yourself.

Mathew began his career in Commercial Real Estate at a large firm in Louisiana. He was young, hungry, and willing to sleep at the office to get things done. But change was happening in the industry. Even though a lot of brokerages were laying off staff and the advent of the internet was making going down to the clerk of courts for information a thing of the past Mathew had no intention of breaking away to start his own firm. That all changed when someone who knew took him to lunch one day and told him “God told me to take you to lunch and tell you to start your own company”. Mathew admits to being a religious guy but even this amount of specificity took him by surprise. Low and behold a month later and after a few other nudges he was on his way to starting Elifin. Side note: the name is a combination of the words “Elite” and “Financial”!

On day one Mathew hired an office manager and has been growing his team ever since. He knew he wanted to be successful, but he was going about things without a lot of thought until he found The Massimo Group. Mathew stresses that all the content in the world wouldn’t have helped if The Massimo Group coaching didn’t keep him focused on implementation! After all, Knowing Isn’t Doing.

Mathew hopes to continue to grow his company in a direct focused manner as he strives to be a leading figure in the world of Commercial Real Estate!

Rod finishes off the interview with a few lightning rounds of great questions about Mathew’s personal life and his secrets to being successful. Don’t miss the answer to questions about his favorite suit and tie and his tips about CRE in social media! 



Mathew Laborde – Owner of Elifin Realty

Mathew is the owner of one of the fastest growing CRE borkerages in his area and this is just the beginning for this young professional.


  • A day in the life of a CRE professional
  • Using social media for CRE
  • About team and staff roles in a successful brokerage